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Come fishing with The Red Boats

Important: Please ensure you read and understand the important information below including cancellation policies, to avoid any problems with your Fishing charter.

The confirmation form at the bottom of this page must be completed before your charter can be confirmed.
By submitting your confirmation form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page.

Note: A credit card number is required to hold against your booking to cover any damage, lost rods, unpaid money, or other incidentals. Your credit will not be charged for your deposit or final payment before the charter unless you request us to do so. Card number will be deleted from our system after your charter.


Onboard Facilities

The M.V. Ocean Spirit is a 45 ft Vessel in full survey and complies with all safety requirements and has an experienced skipper.  This vessel features a large spacious fishing deck, making this boat ideal and very popular for fishing charters over the past 20 years.

We supply free Tea & coffee on board the Vessel and a BBQ is available free of charge for your use, as well as a large Ice box for you to store your food & refreshments.

Please note: Although we will do our absolute best to ensure we have the best fishing possible for the day, we do not guarantee fish on our charters.

What to Bring

Please bring enough food and refreshments to last you the day. It is recommended that you bring some warm clothing and during summer months sunblock & a hat. You will need to ensure you have Rods and plenty of bait & tackle for the day and something to take your fish home in. A combination of pilchards & squid is recommended for bait.
Bait & tackle can be purchased from Top catch just up the road from Westhaven or Bait can be purchased from the Z Pier store at our departure point Z Pier Westhaven Marina.




To ensure that your booking is reserved, a $420.00 non-refundable deposit or 40% of the total balance is now required to hold this date.
Our preferred method for deposits & final payments is by direct debit to our bank account, or you can pay your deposit by credit card through our website. We will only hold your booking for 5 working days without a deposit being paid. (Transaction fees apply for Credit Cards) Full Payment should be made within 7 days of your charter. 

If you wish to direct debit your deposit our bank deposit details are:


ASB BANK, HELENSVILLE The Red boats Ltd 12-3038-0004748-000

Particulars (Name of charter) Code (Date of Charter) Reference (Invoice Number)

When paying by direct debit please ensure to put the name you booked under, the date of the charter, and your invoice number as a reference so it appears on our statement. The balance for the Charter must be paid prior to departure. Direct debit final payments, must be processed three working days before your charter.



We can accept credit cards for payment over the phone prior to the trip.



Equipment Hire

If you wish to hire rods you will need to advise us prior to the Charter so we can ensure we have them on board.
We hire rods at a cost of $20.00 pp. Rods are supplied with 2 sets of tackle, addition tackle can be purchased for $5.00 a set.We can also supply bait by prior arrangement for $20.00 pp. You are liable for the replacement cos of Fishing Rods if droped overboard.

We do not stock bait on the boat so bait MUST be pre-arranged with us before the charter.


Conduct on board

Any problems regarding intoxication or disorderly behavior during the trip will result in the charter being terminated with no refund. Please ensure your guests abide by the current liquor licensing rules. No drugs or illicit substances are permitted on any of our charters. The Westhaven Carpark is monitored on CCTV an is an alcohol ban area. Please ensure your guests do not drink or loiter in the carpark or they may be fined.
We recommend arranging transport for your guests when we arrive back in Auckland to avoid any problems in the Westhaven carpark.
As part of our tenancy agreement at Westhaven we are required to give your details to Westhaven should any incidents occur on Westhaven property.
Due to our Bar license we can not allow intoxicated people to board the Vessel.
It is a maritime offense to tamper with any lifesaving apparatus on board including life jackets and life buoys. This may result in prosecution.
Under no circumstances is anyone to jump overboard even at the pier as this is highly dangerous. We are required to report this to Maritime New Zealand as part of our Company Health & Safety system which may lead to the person being prosecuted under section 65 of the Maritime Act.
Passengers are asked to respect the Vessel and equipment on board. Anyone caught damaging the Vessel will result in the charter being terminated with no refund and The Red boats seeking costs for damages.
Theft of any sort on the Vessel will not be tolerated in which case the Police would be called to board the boat.
Any sort of fighting, aggression, or abusive behavior on board will not be tolerated and will result in the charter being terminated with no refund and police charges being laid.

Alcohol On Board

Our vessel holds a current Bar License so you are more than welcome to bring your a few drinks for your group.
This extends to Beer, Wine & RTDs only. Bottled Spirits are not permitted on board. When purchasing alcohol for your group, please remember that you are on a boat and passenger safety needs to be paramount. Excessive drinking can not be tolerated on board.   

Our vessels are Licensed premise’s and all normal bar rules apply. We will do our best to give you and your guests a great time and a memorable experience. We are however required by law to enforce the Sale of Liquor Act on board in the interests of maintaining our Bar license. We do periodically get boarded by the Maritime Police who undertake liquor licensing checks and may remove passengers who have had to much to drink. Our Skipper is a licensed bar manager and is required to terminate the charter should passengers become intoxicated. By law we can not allow intoxicated passengers on board, or allow intoxicated passengers to consume Alcohol.  We understand people like to have a drink before the charter however pre loading can cause intoxication problems on board and we ask that you remind your guests that they may be denied access on board if they have had to much to drink beforehand.  If someone is denied service and becomes aggressive or abusive towards our staff, we will terminate the charter in the interest of staff safety or in some circumstances they may be removed by the Maritime Police. If a number of passengers become intoxicated we may deem it to be a health and safety risk and terminate the charter. If we terminate the charter due to any of the above NO refund will be given.

Health and Safety

We take Health and Safety seriously on board our Vessels. Our vessels are fully Licensed by Maritime New Zealand and we comply with all current Health and Safety legislation. Under the Health and Safety Act you are required to abide by all lawful instructions given by the Master and Crew on board. Please take care on board, use the handrails where provided, be aware of steps and uneven surfaces, and make yourself familiar with our safety procedures that will be outlined by the Master at the start of the Cruise. Please ensure you listen and understand the safety announcement. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing, bring warm cloths and don’t forget sunblock if its a hot sunny day. Under the Health and Safety Act Customers hiring our Vessel are responsible and liable for the Safety and well being of their guests. This includes but is not limited to drinking and intoxication, as well as transport home. There are ways to manage this such as supplying plenty of food, and ensuring taxis or alternative transport is arranged to get your staff or guests home. Please feel free to talk to us and we can help you with managing this. Under no circumstances is anyone to Jump overboard. This is not only dangerous but will most likely lead to prosecution. Passengers must stay inside the rails at all times and are not permitted to sit on hand railings or stand on the seats. Please take care when using knives, and baiting hooks. Be aware of fish spikes when holding fish. Keep fishing gear, bags and Chilli bins under seats and clear of walkways. Please obey all signs on board and keep out of restricted areas. We want you to have the best possible time on our Fishing trip with no incidents or accidents. If our crew is concerned about passenger safety we will terminate the charter.


Departure Point

MV Ocean Spirit departs from Z Pier Westhaven Marina ~ unless other arrangements have been made.


Parking at Westhaven

Parking at Z Pier is pay and display, $20.00 for 24  hours. When parking at Westhaven marina you must park in the White lines and display ticket in car window. We recommend paying for 24 hours in case the boat runs late.  The Red boats accepts no responsibility if your Vehicle gets towed or ticketed.

Terms of Trade

All Safety instructions and Health and Safety requirements must be followed at all times.
Charter times are based on booking start and finish times, so please don’t be late as this will reduce your charter time! Deposits are not refundable and must be made within 7 days of booking or we will release the charter to be re-booked. Full Payment must be made before the Vessels departure.  Intoxicated passengers will not be permitted to board. It is your responsibility to ensure there is plenty of food on board If there is Alcohol. All rules apply as are laid out on this page.



Cancellation Policy

In the event of bad weather the Skipper at his discretion may cancel the Charter in the interests of Passenger safety.

If we cancel your charter due to bad weather or a break down, we will give you the option to have your deposit refunded, or of re booking a new date for your charter. If you cancel the charter for any reason, your deposit any any monies paid is not refundable and the charter is not transferable. If you cancel within 14 working days of the Charter, you will still be liable for full payment of the Charter.

Booking Form

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Fishing Cruise Confirmation

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