21st Birthday Information

Thank you for inquiring about our Red Boats birthday party cruise for your 21st.
We want you and your guests to have a great night but also a safe one.
Please read the information below to ensure your night is smooth sailing.


All our Vessels are licensed premises and therefore normal bar and house rules apply.

We reserve the right to end the charter at any time for drunken or disorderly behavior with no refund.
No Pre loading!!! We will not let passengers on board who are intoxicated or have been pre loading.
We only accept 21st birthdays that are a family orientated event with plenty of Adults present, this means Mum’s Dads Aunties Uncles etc.
If we find this is not the case on the night we will not proceed with the charter.
You are responsible for the repair of any damage incurred by the patrons on board. A $500.00 bond will be taken and
returned to you at the end of the charter providing there is no damage.
No under age drinking is permitted on board any of our vessels and all patrons that are drinking must be over 20 years of age.
Our Bar Staff will check Ids.


Our party vessels are large roomy two level vessels with indoor / outdoor areas perfect for viewing and ideal for both
summer and winter cruising.
We have emergency life jackets for everyone on board along with modern safety systems in case of an emergency.
On board our vessels we have fully licensed bars with modern music systems and disco lighting with a designated dance floor
for dancing. We offer all the comforts of home with comfortable tables and
seating as well as normal household flush toilets.
We have a BBQ on board, hot water for tea and coffee, and a microwave for heating food items.
The thing to remember is that you are on a boat. Please take care when moving about the Vessel particularly around door ways and stairs using the hand holes provided. For your own safety please do not Sit on hand rails or stand on seats and tables. Obey all Signage on board and do not enter restricted areas.


All our cruises are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.
We have several routes we follow depending on the weather conditions on the day.
The skipper on the day will choose the smoothest most comfortable course for your cruise.
The courses we travel include all the most popular sites around the Auckland harbour, such as the Americas Cup Village,
Herald Island, Mission Bay, Takapuna Beach, the Auckland Harbour Bridge which looks spectacular from the water at night. All our courses are designed to incorporate the best view of Auckland’s night lights and the Waitamata Harbour while ensuring a smooth comfortable ride for all our passengers. Due to the sheltered nature of this cruise we do not cancel due to bad weather.


We want you to have a great time and your night to be a big success however we also want to keep you safe and protect our Vessel so other groups can also enjoy a great night on the harbour.
We expect a reasonable standard of behavior at all times. Please respect the vessel and Staff.
Our staff are there to do their job and comply with the law in regards to our bar. Abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated and result in the charter being terminated.
Passengers are required to abide by all reasonable requests made by the crew.
Pushing, shoving, arguing and fighting will not be tolerated.
Please do not sit or stand on Tables, Seats, or railings. Crew will request passengers to stop doing something once, if the behavior continues we will consider terminating the charter.
Anyone caught defacing or damaging the Vessel will be prosecuted and the Bond will not be refunded.

Under no circumstances is anyone to jump overboard, this will result in prosecution.


A $500.00 bond is required for 21st birthdays.
This is normally done with a credit card which we do not process unless any damage occurs, or alternatively you can do it by
direct credit with your payment for the charter, and we will refund it within 2 working days.
We can also take a cash payment on the night that will be refunded at the end of the charter providing all our conditions are met.
The cost of this cruise is $1650.00 for 4 hours up to 50 Passengers
If you have over 60 Passengers the cost is $1850
Our normal cruise time is 7:00pm to 11:00pm.
Cruises can be done earlier in the evening or day however we do not offer cruises that start later than 7:00pm or evening cruises that exceed 4 hours.
The vessel will be available for boarding 20 minutes prior to departure time.
We can make the vessel available 40 minutes prior to departure by request for loading food and to decorate the
vessel if required.
A $500 deposit is required to secure a booking and full payment is required before the cruise departs
Payment can be made by direct credit, cash.
Payment details can be found on the confirmation form you will receive when you make your booking.
We suggest you do this as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as our dates do full up fast and are allocated on a first
in first serve basis.


We have a fully licensed bar on board for your use with a selection of beer wines and spirits available.
Although we do have eftpos facilities we encourage you to bring case as eftpos reception can be patchy once out on the water.
You can also run a tab for your group and pay at the end of the evening.
We do not offer a BYO Alcohol Option, any BYO Alcohol found on board will result in instant termination of the charter.
Our bar prices can be found on the Menus and Bar prices page of our website.
All normal bar and house rules apply while on board the Vessel.
We will not serve intoxicated or under age patrons and will end the charter if people on board become too intoxicated.


We have a tablet on board that runs Spotify with a variety of music for your use.
We also have facilities for you to plug an Ipod, Phone, or laptop into the vessels sound system if you wish.
You are welcome to bring your own music system or a DJ, however when bringing your own sound system please remember room is limited.


Under our bar license there must be a substantial amount of solid food on all our charters.
We have a range of menus available both budget and up market which can be found on the Menus page of our website.
Our menus are of good quality, are great value for money, and are highly praised by all our customers.
If you have any vegetarians on board or special dietary requirements please let us know.
You can also BYO food free of charge however we do stress that when using our BYO option, clients must ensure the food
supplied is good solid food and that there is plenty of it.
This is a requirement under the terms and conditions of our bar license and the Vessel will not leave until there is food on board.


We depart from Z pier Westhaven or other wharves by prior arrangement.
Pay and display parking is available a Z pier at a cost of $20.00 for 24 hours.
We can pick up and drop off from other wharves however this must be organised at the time of booking.
If you wish to be picked up or dropped off at any other wharves apart form Z pier, a wharf Fee will apply.


We have several courses we follow which are sheltered areas for all the different weather conditions we encounter on Auckland harbour.
We very rarely ever cancel our charters due bad weather.
The only time we would cancel is in extreme cyclonic weather conditions.
If we cancel a charter due to weather or any other reason you can change to another date or receive a full refund.
However if you cancel the charter for any reason after the deposit has been paid, the deposit is non refundable.


Simply give us a call or flick us an e mail with the date times and amount of passengers for your charter.
Let us know your food and drink requirements and anything else you need.
We will then send you a confirmation form with all the details attached including payment details.
Once we receive your signed confirmation form back, with your deposit, your charter will be booked and confirmed.

Covid 19 Policy

We are still Taking Bookings!!!

We are currently open and operating under ALL traffic light system levels.

Vaccination Policy: The Red Boats will require everyone who travels with us regardless of the service (Fishing, party cruises, ferry services) to be fully vaccinated and carry a vaccination passport on them to be shown upon boarding of ANY vessel we operate. Due to the recent government mandate, if we do not adopt this approach then we are unable to operate any of our services until we reach the Green Light setting which could be months away. We will require proof of vaccination and identification for all guests aged 12 and over. Vaccination certificates can be ordered from the Ministry of Health website, we encourage you to have these ready as we await the release of the digital passport system. Refunds will not be offered for any passengers or guests who are unable to provide a vaccination passport upon boarding our vessels.

Covid 19 Policy: The Red Boats operates within the current guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. Our vessels are cleaned and sanitized daily, and we provide hand washing stations and sanitizer on board for our customers. Social distancing, face masks & other measures may be required on board depending on the Alert level status & Ministry of Health Guidelines in place at the time. The Red Boats are able to operate for FULLY VACCINATED passengers only at all levels of the traffic light system within restrictions. 

Covid Lockdowns & Cancelations: We will endeavor to proceed with your charter providing we are permitted to operate under any Covid restrictions that may be in place at the time. In the event of a lockdown, or the Charter NOT being able to proceed due to Covid, alternative Charter dates will be offered. We will do our best to ensure we find you an alternative date when Covid restrictions will allow us to operate. The Red Boats do not offer refunds for any booked charters that are cancelled due to Covid 19 or Lockdown restrictions. All monies paid to The Red Boats are Non refundable.

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